Whatever the type of cargo or timeframe, our dedicated team at C4 Logistics will find a suitable transport method to safely and economically meet our customers deadlines.

C4 Logistics offer the following important services and facilities

  • Types of cargo : Explosives (Class 1), Dangerous Goods (Class 2 to 9),
  • Bulk, Break Bulk, Abnormal and General Cargo.
  • Customs formalities
  • Import and Export documentation
  • Find suitable vessels and aircraft
  • Charter of suitable vessels / ships for sea freight
  • Charter of suitable aircraft
  • Investigate and develop suitable routes
  • Manage and monitor shipments
  • Purchase of containers
  • Packing of containers
  • Purchase of packing material
  • SAMSA Container inspections and other services
  • Local transport, rail or road
  • Transit Permits
  • Import and Export cost calculations / quotations
  • Fumigation
  • Freight Agent Network
  • Insurance
  • Depot facilities
  • Consulting services

C4 Logistics handle the following types of cargo:

  • Explosives – Class 1 cargo - military related items such as Bombs, Mines, Missiles, Cartridges, Fuzes, Detonators etc and commercial mining explosives etc
  • Dangerous goods / hazardous cargo - classified under Class: 2 to 9
  • Flammable Gas, Flammable Liquids, Flammable Solids, Oxidizing Subtances, Toxic and Infectious Substances, Radioactive Material, Corrosives and miscellaneous Dangerous goods.
  • Bulk cargo – Chrome ore, Coal, Manganese etc
  • General containerized cargo
  • General air freight cargo
  • Abnormal break bulk cargo – such as military related equipment, vehicles, mining equipment etc
  • Abnormal cargo

Customs formalities

C4 Logistics is registered as a freight clearing agent at Customs (South African Revenue Service) which means C4 Logistics offer a complete customs clearing service which includes documentation and other customs activities.

Import and Export documentation

C4 Logistics is registered with Customs, South African Police Services Chief Inspector of Explosives and the Directorate of Conventional Arms Control. C4 Logistics will assist the customer with all his import and export documentation requirements including letters of credit, customs registrations and documentation, transport documentation such as bill of ladings and air waybills and Dangerous Goods Packing Declarations etc.

Find suitable vessels and aircraft

Whatever the type of cargo, C4 Logistics will find a suitable vessel / ship or aircraft that can transport the shipper or consignees cargo safely and economically and at the same time ensure that the customer can meet all the deadlines.

Charter of suitable vessels / ships for sea freight

Ship broking is one of C4 Logistics fields of expertise and have access to a large fleet of vessels which can be chartered on behalf of the customer and at the same time solving many of the shipping difficulties.

Charter of suitable aircraft

Various types of aircraft are available and C4 Logistics will charter these aircraft, at competitive rates, on behalf of the customer.

Investigate and develop suitable routes

Due to the type of cargo such as armaments or military related materials, dangerous goods, radioactive materials, and other types of cargo it is not always possible to utilise existing routes and facilities but C4 Logistics will investigate and establish a proper route, tailor-made for the type of cargo providing the customer with transport solutions that other freight agents do not offer. 

Manage and monitor shipments

Part of our freight clearing and forwarding service is that C4 Logistics will manage and monitor the shipments from A to Z making sure that the cargo is delivered according to the deadlines and time frames. 

Purchase of containers

C4 Logistics can assist and supply the customer with various types of sea freight containers for transport or storage purposes. Special converted units are available as offices and or ablutions and or special accommodation units in various sizes. 

Packing of containers

If the customer needs assistance with the packing of their cargo in suitable sea freight containers C4 Logistics will gladly assist and pack the containers on behalf of the client.

Purchase of packing material

C4 Logistics have an experienced team who can assist the customer with the packing and packaging of hazardous and non-hazardous cargo and the packing of standard sea freight containers. Our team will assist the customer with the purchase of various packing materials.

SAMSA Container inspections and other services

C4 Logistics have good business relationships with various departments including the South African Maritime Safety Authority and will on behalf of the customer, liaise with these departments to ensure a cost effective service 

Local transport, rail or road

C4 Logistics can offer the customer a variety of different modes of transport for their national transport requirements. Side tippers for bulk cargo, road and rail options for containerized cargo, low beds for abnormal cargo, special vehicles for explosives and dangerous goods and a variety of normal road freight trucks are available for any other types of cargo.


Transit Permits

C4 Logistics have a network of agents who specialize in the application of transit permits required for the transport of armaments, military related materials, dangerous goods and other sensitive cargo.

Import and Export cost calculations / quotations

The team will assist the customer with a detailed cost calculation based on the contract basis and cargo information that will ensure the customer will be competitive in their market keeping their clients satisfied.


Various regulations worldwide require the fumigation of air and sea cargo and packing material can be arranged on request

Freight Agent Network

C4 Logistics together with an international network of agents who also specialize in all the various aspects of logistics and freight forwarding services can offer the customer a reliable and effective service at cost effective and competitive rates.


C4 Logistics is, in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Service Act, 37/2002 under licence number165, an authorised insurance representative of Prestmarine International (Pty) Ltd, Insurance premiums are available on request and tailor-made packages can be arranged. The maximum insured amount per shipment is GBP 10 000 000, 00 (Ten Million British Pounds). Special insurance cover can be arranged if the cargo value exceeds this amount.

Depot facilities

C4 Logistics offer the customer depot cargo handling and secure and safe storage facilities to handle and manage bulk shipments, (FCL) containerized shipments, and break bulk shipments. Weight Bridge, storage under roof or open storage facilities, forklift and other special equipment are available for the loading packing and offloading of cargo.

Consulting services

C4 Logistics offer the customer a free consulting service. We have a team of experts that can assist the customer with information and advice on customs formalities, transport of import and export shipments and documentation.